Controlled Substance Disposal

We take responsibility for obtaining and maintaining all required permits, certifications and/or licenses required by federal, state and local authorities (EPA, FDA and DEA) . This includes any permits and licenses to operate as a large hazardous waste generator and for interstate transport, storage and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous unserviceable items or returns (e.g., vaccines, Schedule I,II, III-V drugs and chemotherapeutic drugs).

DEA Form 222 Management

RLI is capable of handling large orders of Form 222s. We maintain an electronic record of all Form 222s received. An electronic log of all Form 222s that are executed but not received is also maintained. RLI's procedure is to void any form not filled within the 60-day statutory limit. Voided forms will be reissued prior to shipment. Product shipped within the 60-day limit may be received by RLI within a reasonable period of time after the 60 days have expired. RLI maintains an electronic log of all Form 222s either voided or canceled for any reason. Voided, canceled or returned order forms are retained in RLI's files according to 21 CFR 1305.13.

Advance Ship Notice

Customers are required to fax, email or mail a completed ASN package to the Return Center. The ASN is provided by RLI after the customer contacts RLI with a request to ship. After RLI receives the completed package, RLI will issue the customer a Return Order Number.

Storage and Physical Security

RLI provides a sufficiently secured area, as defined in 21 CFR 1301, that is approved by the presiding DEA office. Physical security of the facility includes 24-hour monitored electronic security by a UL-certified security provider. The installed security system also holds a UL certification. Our vault and cage meet all specifications in 21 CFR 1301. Special security arrangements for armed guard services are available.

Witness Destruction

RLI provides witness destruction for drugs in Schedules I, II, and III-V and hazardous and non-hazardous items in accordance with applicable federal and state (FDA, EPA and DEA) laws and regulations.

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