Maximizing Regulatory Compliance While Minimizing Costs

  • Assigned U.S. Patent No. 6,754,637 for all claims related to "A Method and Apparatus to Manage Network Based Returns Processing"
  • US EPA Large Quantity Generator GAR000007997
  • DEA Reverse Distributor Certificate of Registration No. RE0215675
  • State of Georgia Board of Pharmacy Distributor License PHWH001025
  • Additional State Board of Pharmacy Licenses
  • State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources Solid Waste Processing permit
  • ASSMCA Authority No. 007264 Puerto Rico

One of the best strategies for a PPCP (Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products) manufacturer to maximize its regulatory compliance and minimize it's costs is to hire RLI to be its returns agent and waste disposal contractor. This will allow you to transfer the responsibilities and compliance costs to RLI and reduce the number of permits and training requirements at your own locations. While at the same time, the credit reports provided by RLI will enhance Sarbanes compliance.

RLI has continued to research and develop technologies that provide tools to effectively manage regulatory compliance. This is evident in its patented web based returns process and electronic DEA 222 software.
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