RLI Considers Efficiency of Transportation to be a Critical Element
RLI's Rolling Stock:
  • One (1) roll off truck with four (4 ) 40yd waste containers
  • One (1) day cab tractor
  • Two (2) 9,000 gallon bulk waste liquid tank trailers
  • One (1) 50 ft walking floor waste transfer trailer
  • One (1) 48 ft reefer trailer
  • One (1) mini excavator
  • Two (2) fork lift trucks

We consider efficiency of transportation to be a critical element of our returns and waste operations because it represents the largest component of our operating costs. Also, establishing independence by having our own trucking capabilities means we can do more work for less money in a shorter time. We no longer wait for trucks to show up or miss their delivery appointments at the disposal facilities to only have them turned away to return and unloaded on another day. Most issues that disrupt the flow of waste can be resolved when we have control of the rolling stock.
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