Reduce Overhead Expenses by Maximizing Use of Warehouse Square Footage Having RLI as your returns agent allows you to dedicate your floor space for saleable product. Center Features:

  • 32,000 total square feet
  • 22 ft clear height ceilings
  • 3,000 square feet office space
  • Five (5) dock doors
  • Two (2) drive up ramp doors
  • Two (2) steel lined pit doors
  • Hazardous material storage area
  • Secured storage capability for records retention
  • Parking for roll-off containers, even stack intermodal sludge cans
  • Parking for trailers

Maximizing warehouse space enhances RLI's ability to service the returns and waste needs of many manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and personal care market. Additionally, we are capable of processing 24 hours, 6 days a week because the waste to energy facilities we work with are 24 hour operations. This allows us to pass on the cost per square foot of space savings to you in the industry lowest returns and waste service fees.

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