Patented Web Based Returns Process and Software Provides Lowest Cost per Transaction RLI receives, validates and is able to provide check or transfer funds electronically. Your customer also has ability to reconcile and reference credits.

This system gives your customer service staff more time to do what they do best, satisfy customer and work on increasing your company's bottom-line profits.

Additional value-adds:
  • Incorporate manufacturer defined price files
  • Validate legitimate trading partners
  • Detect fraud by incorporating lot matching
  • Serve as the "bridge" to EPC/RFID functionality

Electronic 222 Software
RLI offers manufacturers of controlled substances its electronic 222 software as part of its service solution. The Controlled Substance Return System (CSRS) provides both suppliers and purchasers with the following benefits:
  • Validate legitimate trading partners using DEA CSOS protocols
  • ARCOS capable reporting system
  • Reduce paperwork burden
  • Reduce forged, stolen, or lost forms
  • Electronic format reduces illegibility errors
  • Lower inventory holding costs
  • Reduced cost per transaction

A central manufacturer return and waste center must inventory returned products, match them against claim data for payment, and identify exceptions and report suspicious activity that may expose you to jeopardizing your reputation and goodwill. RLI's proprietary software manages the entire returns and destruction process. RLI also offers web based systems that will compact the returns cycle, therefore getting your customers credit expeditiously. You save on the investment required in developing and maintaining state of the art credit return and waste center management systems.

Patent No. US 6,754,637 Method and Apparatus to Manage Network Based Return Processing

RLI offers manufacturers its proprietary patented web based solution designed to facilitate the entire pharmaceutical returns process from sweeping it off the shelf to ultimate disposal, including all reporting and debit/credit posting. This solution can be managed at the back-end of your web site or your customers can be directed by your return policy to our ReturnSmart server for online processing.

Your customer is able to bundle expired products from all your subsidiaries, search for each product in our ReturnSmart server database, input lot, expiration and quantity, electronically request return authorization, you in turn electronically provide return authorize, customer prints debit memo, packing slip, shipping label and hands off to shipper.

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