Preserve Brand Equity and Potentially Lost Revenues Supply Chain Protection Features

RLI provides supply chain protection solutions that help PPCP manufacturers reduce counterfeiting, black market diversion, product theft and intellectual property infringement. With its "turn and burn" mantra, RLI offers a confidential and secure solution to handling your returns and wastes throughout the supply chain.

  • Security plan that is reviewed and updated annually.
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Parking lot and perimeter lighting
  • Vehicle control by electric gate
  • Back up power generator system
  • Personnel/Visitor badge access system
  • Closed circuit surveillance monitoring system throughout
  • Electronic intrusion alarm system with cellular back up communication
  • 36,000 cubic feet DEA approved security cage
  • 18,000 cubic feet List I Chemical storage cage
  • 42,000 cubic feet DEA approved vault
  • Employee background checks, including polygraph
  • RFID/EPC easily adopted

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