Custom Data Delivery

The movement of each return is chronicled through reporting capabilities that include credit requests, sample return authorization forms or certificates of destruction. We demonstrate our commitment to high-quality document management by providing every customer with management reports. These reports provide running summaries of how and when each shipment of material moved -- from pick-up through disposal. This information has proven useful in planning future sample distribution and reverse logistics budgets, completing reports from regulatory agencies and developing or monitoring product return and waste reduction initiatives. We can also provide more detailed and customized reports as part of our information services. Data and exchange methods can also be customized to fit specific needs.

Current formats include:

  • Comma-delimited ASCII files
  • Tab-delimited ASCII files
  • XML files
  • Excel / SYLK files
  • DBF

Current exchange methods include:

  • File Transfer Protocol
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • SOAP
  • Email
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