Return Logistics, recently acquired by Triumvirate Environmental, provides returns processing and pharmaceutical, consumer product, controlled substance, and regulated waste disposal services for manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, veterinarians, third-party processors, and more.

A Zero Landfill Facility Committed to Sustainability

A Culture of Recycling

Even the pallets we no longer use are repurposed by local artists.

Paper Products

All the paper and cardboard received is recycled for use in other paper products.

Converted to Energy

If we can’t recycle it directly it is used as a fuel to power homes and businesses.

Your returns and sensitive waste is safe with Return Logistics

We have been securely processing returns and destroying sensitive products for more than 20 years. Whether you represent a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical, agricultural-chemical, health or beauty corporation, or are a sole-proprietor veterinarian or “mom and pop” pharmacy, expect fast turnaround, precise returns data, prompt destruction and services that deliver.