Compound Pharmaceutical Destruction

From a single formulation to a box full, RLI provides compounding pharmacies and outsourcing facilities with the peace of mind that any long-term liabilities associated with mismanagement of expired, obsolete, or short-dated products have been eliminated.

The Return Logistics Advantage

Compounding Pharmacies and 503B Outsourcing Facilities commonly generate expired, obsolete or short dated products and raw materials that have no credit value. Whether it is a prescription or controlled substance formulation, these facilities seek cost effective, safe, secure and environmentally sound destruction of these products and raw materials that complies with both federal and state regulatory requirements.

Return Logistics International Corporation (RLI) assists these facilities that need DEA or FDA compliant destruction and provides them with certified proof of disposal. Since 1996, when RLI opened it’s waste processing and return center in Savannah, GA, it has maintained the proper permits and licenses for Solid Waste Processing, DEA Controlled Substances, Hazardous Waste Large Quantity Generation and required state licenses.

From a single formulation to a box full, RLI provides these facilities with the peace of mind that any long-term liabilities associated with mismanagement of these materials have been eliminated.

Here is how RLI can help you:



Easy and Straight-Forward

Easy, straightforward, cost effective solution for the destruction of your non-hazardous prescription and over-the-counter formulations; as well as, formulations regulated as a DEA controlled substance, Schedules CI-CV.


Fee-for-Service Agreements

Simple Fee-for-Service agreement, no expiration date, no volume commitment, and no prepayment requirement.


Sustainable Waste Practices

Sustainable waste management, including the recycling of paper and cardboard packaging materials, then converting your remaining materials into clean renewable energy through thermal destruction.


Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Enhance your regulatory compliance with our provided copies of receipt reports, certificates of destruction and DEA Form 41s returned to you for your records and reporting.


Simplified Budgeting

Simplified budgeting with a minimum per-shipment transaction fee or billed per product and pounds destroyed, whichever is greater.


Experienced and Specialized

Trust our experience, reputation and integrity from seasoned returned processors and waste specialists who have well over 100 years of collective proficiency in regulatory affairs, waste management, and environmental compliance.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Return Logistics provides us the shortest turnaround time in the industry.  They provide a secure supply chain in accordance with policies, procedures and the law that helps us maximize warehouse space to support our mission.”

Director of Operations

NGO that distributes medicine to the underserved

“Returns Logistics International (RLI) is by far the best reverse logistics company in the industry – bar none.  Their in depth experience in processing the destruction of pharmaceutical products coupled with their CAN-DO attitude and superb customer service places them heads and shoulder above any competition. We rely on the expertise and insight RLI has gained in the reverse logistics industry. On several occasions, we have asked them to work with our company to expedite the destruction of pharmaceutical product on short notice. They simply deliver time and time again.”


Life Science Service Company

“My company has been doing business with Return Logistics for over a decade. I have always found the people to be professional, courteous and ready to serve. The service they provide is invaluable to our business and I am glad to be associated with Return Logistics.”

Distribution Center Manager

Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a considerable amount of expired compounding raw materials. Are these materials something you could destroy for us?

We can receive and process all compounding raw materials regulated by the DEA and compounding raw materials that considered non-hazardous waste by the EPA.

How do I go about returning expired DEA regulated compounding materials?

Our process is simple, contact us by phone or through our contact us page on this site and we will send you our account creation package, which includes our Fee-For-Service agreement and inventory forms. Once we review your inventory, we will issue you a return order number (RON), which is your authorization to ship your materials.

I have a question about shipping the expired compounding raw materials. Do you have a preference between UPS, FedEx or USPS?

We receive shipments daily from all three carriers; therefore we suggest shipping to us by the carrier that is easiest for you.

What is the difference is between a Full-Line Item and a Partial-Line Item on your agreement?

A full-line item is product in its complete package quantity and a partial is anything less than full package quantity or any substance shipped in bulk.

What are your current rates for compounding raw material destruction?

Our pricing structure is a flat fee per return, a fee for each 222 form, a price per line item for validation of full and/or partial quantities and a price per pound for destruction. However, for smaller quantities, we offer a flat fee that includes all of the services mentioned.

What methods are used to destroy our products? Are the methods you employ "green?"

All products received are destroyed via waste-to-energy incineration, were the heat created from the incineration is used to create steam, then converted into electricity through a steam turbine. Most states consider waste-to-energy a clean, “green” renewable energy.

We have compounding raw materials that are expired and I have used you in the past. Can we do this again with you?

Absolutely, we value your repeat business. Generally, our agreements do not expire, so we will verify our agreement is current and the DEA registration we have on file is still valid. If both are current, you just need to send us your current inventory, we will review and issue a Return Order Number as we have done in the past.

How long has Return Logistics been in business?

Return Logistics was formed in 1996 and opened its return center the same year. In 2006 we expanded our warehouse and capabilities that included obtaining a Georgia Department of Natural Resources, solid waste processing permit.

When do I pay for the service?

Once all of your material has been received, validated, counted and destroyed, we’ll send you an invoice for services rendered and provide you a certificate of destruction and copy of our Form 41 for your substances if applicable.

What licenses and permits do you possess?

DEA Reverse Distribution registration for Schedules CI, CII, CIII, CIV and CV, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Solid Waste Processing Facility, EPA Large Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator, Georgia Board of Pharmacy and applicable state licenses.

Ready to Get Started?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.