Pharmaceutical or Personal Care Product Manufacturer Returns

Whether it is a single product; such as a schedule II drug or an entire product line of several hundred products, RLI is committed to help your company gain a competitive advantage with efficient and accurate returns processing.

The Return Logistics Advantage

Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and similar consumer packaged products commonly receive returned products due to warehouse damage, seasonal inventory, defective performance, excess inventory, and obsolescence. Over the years, these same manufacturers have realized that returns management is no longer just a cost of doing business but an efficient returns process that can facilitate a competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.

For over 20 years, Return Logistics International (RLI) has helped our manufacturing customers improve the efficiency of their returns management, reduce their overall cost, improve their customer loyalty, and provided them with critical information in evaluating product performance. Whether it is a single product, such as a schedule II drug, or an entire product line of several hundred products, RLI is committed to help your company gain a competitive advantage with efficient and accurate returns processing.

Returned product segments served:

  • Prescription Pharmaceuticals
  • Over-the-Counter Products
  • Controlled Substances, Schedules CI-CV
  • Physician Samples
  • Clinical trial products
  • Repackaged pharmaceuticals

Location, Location, Location

Our returns facility is located on the major East Coast corridor and near an international port and airport.

Efficient Data Management

Prompt, accurate, sender, product, lot, batch and disposition data collection and reporting.

Complete Returns Efficiency

We match returns against claims against payment and process only products that meet your returns policy. We eliminate waste and drive efficiency by sorting and allocating returns into the correct disposition – whether it’s return to stock, return to vendor, donate, recycle, or destroy.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Enhance your regulatory compliance with our provided copies of receipt reports, certificates of destruction, and DEA Form 41s returned to you for your records and reporting.

Layered Security

Multiple layers of security safeguarding your brand identity while in RLI possession. Since our facility complies with DEA security requirements, our return center incorporates cameras, gated entrances, and vault/cages for your obsolete materials when quarantined awaiting destruction.

Fee-for-Service Agreements

No start-up fees, simple fee-for-service agreement, no expiration date, and no volume commitment.

Sustainable Waste Practices

Sustainable waste management, including the recycling of pallets, paper, cardboard and plastic, then converting what waste is left into clean renewable energy through thermal destruction.

Value Recovery

If desired, we can recover any remaining value in returned goods by sorting and disassembling products for the purpose of reusing, recycling or selling component parts and raw materials.

Experience and Longevity

Trust our experience, reputation and integrity from seasoned returned processors and waste specialists who have well over 100 years of collective proficiency in waste management and environmental compliance.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Return Logistics provides us the shortest turnaround time in the industry.  They provide a secure supply chain in accordance with policies, procedures and the law that helps us maximize warehouse space to support our mission.”
Director of Operations

NGO that distributes medicine to the underserved

“Returns Logistics International (RLI) is by far the best reverse logistics company in the industry – bar none.  Their in depth experience in processing the destruction of pharmaceutical products coupled with their CAN-DO attitude and superb customer service places them heads and shoulder above any competition. We rely on the expertise and insight RLI has gained in the reverse logistics industry. On several occasions, we have asked them to work with our company to expedite the destruction of pharmaceutical product on short notice. They simply deliver time and time again.”

Life Science Service Company

“My company has been doing business with Return Logistics for over a decade. I have always found the people to be professional, courteous and ready to serve. The service they provide is invaluable to our business and I am glad to be associated with Return Logistics.”
Distribution Center Manager

Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of waste can you receive?
Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetic, Consumer, and Related Wastes/Materials:

  • Pharmaceutical Products, Intermediates, and Bulk Products
  • Animal Health Products, Intermediates, and Bulk Products
  • Controlled Substances (Schedule I, II, III, IV, and V)
  • Packaging Components, Labels, Package Inserts, Bottles, Pallets
  • Sales Rep Samples, Clinical Trials, Repackaged Products
  • Consumer Packaged Products, Intermediates and Bulk Products
  • Health and Personal Care Products, Intermediates and Bulk Products
  • Household Products, Intermediates and Bulk Products
  • Nutritional Products, Intermediates and Bulk Products
  • Commercial Chemicals, Raw Materials, Active and Inactive Ingredients
  • Contraband on behalf of local, state, or federal government agencies
  • Documents, Books, Computer Backup Media

Industrial Manufacturing and Related Wastes/Materials:

  • Agricultural Wastes, Fertilizers, Feed Supplements
  • Basic Chemicals
  • Carpet, Textile, Nylon. Fabric Scraps
  • Empty Containers
  • Filter Media and Aids
  • Plastic, Polystyrene, Polymethane, Foams
  • Oil Contaminated Wastes

Don’t see your waste/material on the list, call us at (912) 748-5100.

Are you flexible enough to just manage our returns and not handle the crediting?
Return Logistics’ expertise in managing product returns has been to focus on receiving, reconciling, reporting and destroying. We prefer to provide accurate return information back to our client for their control of their customer credit.
Can you manage a recall?
Return Logistics has executed the product waste and recycling of logistical packaging of many recalled products over nearly 30 years of service, including the management of sales representative samples from a major drug recall in 2004 and 2005.

In all instances, our recall involvement has been focused on keeping detailed and accurate records of the returns and providing destruction certification on behalf of our manufacturer and third party clients.

Are you a DEA registrant that reverse distributes DEA controlled substances?
Yes. We are registered with the DEA for the Reverse Distribution of Schedules CI-CV.
How do you manage the assured destruction of material?
We are advocates of the Zero Landfill because it makes no sense to waste the potential energy in a landfill.

Our hierarchy is focused on recovering all logistical packaging such as wood and plastic pallets, corrugated shippers, shelf cardboard, paper inserts, plastic bottles and the product is destroyed at either a waste to energy plant or co-processing cement kiln

Do you require a contract?
We do require a simple fee for service agreement between Return Logistics International Corporation and our clients. Our fee for service agreement has no expiration, has no volume or term commitment and no prepayment requirement.
Is the proposal that you gave me a while back still good?
Our proposals are good for 60 days. If your need exceeds 60 days, contact us and we will confirm or update your proposal.
What methods are used to destroy our products? Are the methods you employ "green?"
All products received are destroyed via co-processing cement kiln or waste to energy incineration, where the heat created from the combustion is used to create steam, then converted into electricity through a turbine. Many states consider waste to energy a clean, “green” renewable energy.
How long has Return Logistics been in business?
Return Logistics was formed in 1996 and opened its return center the same year. In 2006 we expanded our warehouse and capabilities that included obtaining a Georgia Department of Natural Resources, solid waste processing permit.
What licenses and permits do you possess?
DEA Reverse Distribution registration for Schedules CI, CII, CIII, CIV and CV, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Solid Waste Processing Facility, EPA Large Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator, Georgia Board of Pharmacy and applicable state licenses.
Do you provide transportation?
For our customers that ship quantities in truckload volume, we can provide transportation though one of our fully licensed and insured sub-contracted carriers; however, for our customers that ship in less than truckload or box quantity, we prefer our customers to provide their own transportation with their preferred contract carriers.

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